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Baptist Church

2157 Broad St. Cranston, RI. 02905


Sunday 10am-11am

Bible Study
Wednesday 7pm-8pm


Get ready for an incredible worship experience at Pawtuxet Baptist Church! 

Join us this Sunday as we come together to celebrate and connect through the power of music and faith. Let the melodies and harmonies uplift your spirit and fill your heart with joy. 

️Experience the warmth and love of our welcoming community. At Pawtuxet Baptist Church, we believe in embracing diversity and creating a safe space for everyone to worship and grow together.

Mark your calendars and join us this Sunday for a worship experience that will leave you inspired and refreshed. Let's come together, celebrate life, and deepen our spiritual journey in a vibrant and loving environment! 

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Rev. Irving Scoby, M.DIV

Pastor- Pawtuxet Baptist Church


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"Impacting our World Through our New Life in Christ"

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