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What we believe

Our covenant

As we worship together, we praise and thank the Lord, our God, who sent us our Savior, Jesus Christ, to take away our sins and open the path to God. We are renewed each day by God's continuing Presence, the Holy Spirit, which strengthens and watches over us constantly, guiding us through life. As members of God's Church, we acknowledge in words or through baptism, that we are born anew, through Jesus, in the Spirit of God. We covenant to each other, by the grace of God:

To serve God and one another in unconditional love

To worship God together as a church and to study and follow God's teachings, given to us by the Word of God, the Holy Bible

To contribute our time, and our money, cheerfully, and regularly, in support of our church's ministry and in proclaiming the Gospel throughout the world

To be respectful, honest, and fair with all, and to keep our appointments

To support and aid one another in word, deed, and prayer

To forgive one another, and recognize we are all capable of failing at times

To remember and keep this covenant throughout our lives, within and beyond this church and community, with the support and grace of God, through Jesus Christ our Savior


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